Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bob Long Victory - No Hoses or Fittings

Here is the fist Look at the New GREY Bob Long Victory paintball gun. This grey one has not been seen before but looks super hot.

The point of this post was to talk about the gas through gun air system built into the marker. The Victory has no external hoses which means, there are a lot less parts to get snagged on, break or leak.

One of the most frustrating parts about paintball guns are the macroline fittings and hoses. The fittings are very sensitive to dirt, dust or any debris. If they become they become dirty and will leak until you change out the oring that is built into the fitting. This is a pain in the hands of most people since the orings are small and are not commonly accessable at most paintball fields.

Macro line is our next major problem with most guns. As you can see on the Bob Long Victory, the macroline has been removed from the gun and all of the air is routed through the ASA and grip. Once through the grip, the air is transfered to all of the vitals of the gun. Macroline is very tempermental and over extended use, rips the ends that lock into the macroline fittings

Overall, the design of the Bob Long Victory is seupurb and all major problems have been addressed befor the gun is officially released and shipped to the public.

Bob Long Victory Desctription

Here is a schematic for the new Bob Long Victory paintball gun. This will show you the inner workings of the Victory as well as how the gun operates. This gun has been tested for quite some time now and has all of the possible kinks worked out of it. From our first look of the Bob Long Victory, we are very impressed at the design and have high hopes for this paintball gun.