Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tadao Yakuza Series USB Closer/Marq/Vice/Victory Board

The Victory is here and ready to dominate! There is something your shiny new Victory is missing, that would be upgrades. Tadao has come to save the day with their new Yakuza Series USB. The Tadao Yukuza Series USB board is an amazing upgrade for anyone looking to pull every bit of performance out of their Bob Long Victory.

The Yukuza board takes advantage of current OLED screen technology. Some of the more notable advantages to OLED screens are: Lower power consumption, higher contrast rate, and more resistance to vibration and moisture. The higher contrast rate (In comparison to LCD screens) makes viewing and reading the information on your screen in direct sunlight much easier.

Everyone loves convenience, that's why Tadao has made this series USB compatible. A mini-usb cable can now be attached directly to the board to connect to your PC (XP and Vista compatible). Once connected the user can take advantage of the Tadao Tengu USB interface.
Tengu offers the ability to do secure firmware updates, create custom boot screen images, and modify settings. Boot screens can be imported and exported as bitmap image files, allowing you to create them in image editing software such as Photoshop and easily share them with friends or teammates.

Additional adjustibility includes finer, more accurate rate of fire, debounce, and dwell increments, plus specific PSP/Millennium fire mode parameters to change the semi-start-shots and semi-reset times. 5 user customizable profiles are now standard, and can be edited through the OLED screen or with the Tengu USB interface on your computer. The rate of fire range has been expanded to 5-30 balls per second to ensure compliance with any league rule changes in the future.

The Tadao Takuza Series is sure to keep your game fine tuned. Now get out and play some paintball!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bob Long Limited Edition Victory

As if the Bob Long Victory paintball gun could not get any better, it does. Bob Long has now released a very small run of Limited Edition Victory's. The Limited Edition Bob Long Victory comes with a Tadao Yakuza OLED Board that only makes this gun rip even more! Along with the Tadao OLED Board, you get the OLED grips which look hot on this gun. In addition to the Board and grips, Bob Long even incorporated their 4C Eye Enhancing System. All together this makes the Limited Edition Bob Long Victory one of the best paintball guns available today.

Bob Long has been making high end paintball guns ever since they have been involved with paintball. Now is your chance to get the best of the best. Don't miss out on the Limited Edition Bob Long Victory gun!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bob Long Victory First Arrival Video

Here is a video of the Bob Long Victory when we first received it. It is a very informative video and shows you exactly what you will be receiving.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Bob Long Victory In Stock

The Bob Long Victory is in stock now! now has all color Bob Long Victory's in stock and ready to ship! Check out these brand new pictures!

All of these guns came out looking even better than anticipated! The first thing that we noticed when we got these in stock was how easy it is to remove the bolt. The bolt literally is removable in seconds!

Some other nice features that we noticed about the Bob Long Victory is the weight. The Bob Long Victory weighs in at only 2.2 pounds with barrel and battery! It is very light weight yet it has a nice sturdy feel. The gun is very balanced. The regulator on the Bob Long Victory is extremely short and with no macroline hose to get in the way it makes it very easy to maneuver around.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bob Long Victory - No Hoses or Fittings

Here is the fist Look at the New GREY Bob Long Victory paintball gun. This grey one has not been seen before but looks super hot.

The point of this post was to talk about the gas through gun air system built into the marker. The Victory has no external hoses which means, there are a lot less parts to get snagged on, break or leak.

One of the most frustrating parts about paintball guns are the macroline fittings and hoses. The fittings are very sensitive to dirt, dust or any debris. If they become they become dirty and will leak until you change out the oring that is built into the fitting. This is a pain in the hands of most people since the orings are small and are not commonly accessable at most paintball fields.

Macro line is our next major problem with most guns. As you can see on the Bob Long Victory, the macroline has been removed from the gun and all of the air is routed through the ASA and grip. Once through the grip, the air is transfered to all of the vitals of the gun. Macroline is very tempermental and over extended use, rips the ends that lock into the macroline fittings

Overall, the design of the Bob Long Victory is seupurb and all major problems have been addressed befor the gun is officially released and shipped to the public.

Bob Long Victory Desctription

Here is a schematic for the new Bob Long Victory paintball gun. This will show you the inner workings of the Victory as well as how the gun operates. This gun has been tested for quite some time now and has all of the possible kinks worked out of it. From our first look of the Bob Long Victory, we are very impressed at the design and have high hopes for this paintball gun.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Features of the Victory Gun

We were able to get a list of features for the new Bob Long Victory. This should give you some insight as to what is included on the Victory. We are also throwing in a new picture of the camo Victory.


  • New True Bearing Trigger
  • Brand New 3d Milling With Cut Throughs
  • Internally Plumbed With Built In On-Off ASA
  • Features Lever Lock Feedneck
  • New Proficiency Engine With Pillow Bolt Featuring Tool Less Removal
  • Lightest Marq To Date
  • Tadao Ryujin Board
  • 30+ BPS
  • Incredible Air Efficiency Up To 15 Pods Possible From 68ci/4500 PSI Tank
  • Always 4C Eye Compatible

Bob Long Victory Video

Here is a quick video of the Bob Long Victory paintball gun. This was taken at the Bob Long booth in Huntington Beach.

Bob Long Victory First Gun Pics

This is one of the first looks at the Bob Long Victory paintball gun. The Bob Long Victory is the newest paintball gun from Bob. According to rumors, this gun has been in the works for quite some time and is designed to impress even the most finicky paintball player.

This gun has been made to be one of the lightest, most efficient and most effective guns to ever hit the paintball market. The Bob Long Victory paintball guns are in very high demand and are currently flying off the shelves. There are a few still available here but they are going quick. As there is more information released about the Bob Long Victory, we will keep you updated here with our new posts and always updated content. You can rely on us to bring you the most up to date Victory info out there. Check back often and always!