Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Features of the Victory Gun

We were able to get a list of features for the new Bob Long Victory. This should give you some insight as to what is included on the Victory. We are also throwing in a new picture of the camo Victory.


  • New True Bearing Trigger
  • Brand New 3d Milling With Cut Throughs
  • Internally Plumbed With Built In On-Off ASA
  • Features Lever Lock Feedneck
  • New Proficiency Engine With Pillow Bolt Featuring Tool Less Removal
  • Lightest Marq To Date
  • Tadao Ryujin Board
  • 30+ BPS
  • Incredible Air Efficiency Up To 15 Pods Possible From 68ci/4500 PSI Tank
  • Always 4C Eye Compatible

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